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The first thing you should know about our establishment is that we take a lot of pride in the dishes we serve. All of our food is inspected throughly for consistent quality by our management and those steaks we speak of, they are all certified angus beef, including our burgers!  We only use the finest cut steaks from both land and sea.

Nothing is pre-done here at St. John’s Seafood and Steaks… Nothing is pre-cooked, pre-seasoned, or pre-breaded like your typical chain stores – all our dishes are freshly cooked to order, including our signature home made sauces.  We use real crab meat for our crab cakes and crab stuffing – no imitation crab here.

*All of our food products are thoroughly tested for quality assurance and only those products and suppliers that meet our strict standards of excellence and safety are used in our operations. 

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